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150년 전통, 이태리 No.1 토너 – 아쿠아알레로제- (Since 1876) 세계 4대 장미수, 이태리에서 가장 유명한 토너(장미수)브랜드.이태리 장미수 부문 시장점유율 1위 (50%(고온 증류방식을 통한 파란병의 뷰티 시크릿 이태리 여행 Must have Item 약국, TV홈쇼핑, 온라인 유통

Pure Beauty is the essence of Acqua alle Rose: the simplest and most natural way to take care of yourself. On a daily basis, respecting one's uniqueness. An ageless beauty that renews and flourishes year after year. With the same intensity as before but with the awareness of being able to bloom in any time thanks to the regenerating power of the rose: our idea of beauty, a timeless icon, a universal symbol of life and youth. Rose extracts of 100% natural origin and all the new ingredients at the base of our cosmetic formulas, effective but gentle on the skin.

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