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엘리자베스 여왕의 발사믹 식초"로도 널리 알려진 World Best N.1 발사믹식초로 , 2000개가 넘는 최대의 발효통을 가진 모데나 발사믹 식초 DOP 의 리더. 페라리,브루넬로 코치넬리,마이클 더글라스,카타트 왕족 들의 개인 발효통을 관리하는 명실상부한 이탈리아 모데나 발사믹 식초 DOP 의 자존심. 1849년 부터 사용하던 발효통에서 나오는 스페셜 에디션은  유명한 소더비 경매에서 한화 2억 9천만원에 낙찰을 받는 최고의 가치를 가지고 있으며. 럭셔리 라이프 스타일 어워즈가 선정한 유일한 모데나 전통 발사믹식초 업체임.

At Acetaia del Cristo it is us personally, along with our families, who carry out every single step in full compliance with the most ancient traditions and the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) regulations: from cultivating our organically farmed grapes, to vintage, must cooking and the delicate drawing, decanting and topping-up operations. For four generations we have been working in order to pass on the cultural heritage and charm of TRADITIONAL BALSAMIC VINEGAR of MODENA, which in the past was restricted to family use and closely guarded in the attics of our forefathers The only ingredient is cooked must obtained from our organic grapes. The subsequent processing and long ageing are completely natural and spontaneous procedures. The same energy of the Sun that ripens grapes also provides all the necessary energy to turn them into must and is exploited for the subsequent stages carried out in the farm through a dedicated photovoltaic system. And then the wait, that is, the time, the fundamental and unique engine for the production of the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. Thus the various natural and spontaneous aging processes are triggered.

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