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Ceramol was born from uniting the expertise of pharmaceutical cosmetologists and dermatologists to develop products with unique and technologically advanced formulas. This union has always been the added value of the Ceramol brand. Right from the start, our goal has been to help people who suffer from skin disorders to live well in their skin. From extensive studying of the skin, its structure and its alterations, we made a firm decision: to give it only what it needs Ceramol products fully comply with national and international guidelines, such as those of the “American Academy of Dermatology”, to effectively restore the skin barrier. In fact, they do not contain fragrances, alcohol, sulphate lauryl surfactants, dyes or preservatives that may cause allergies. Instead, they contain biomimetic lipids and other functional ingredients to promote the balance of the skin barrier. To make all this possible, we needed to implement profound technological innovation, exploring alternative pathways in the formulation, packaging and selection process of cutting-edge ingredients.

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