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전통적인 생산방법에 현대적인 기술을 접목하여 이탈리아 최고급 D.O.P.(원산지 증명) 블루치즈인 고르곤졸라를 생산하는 업체로 고르곤졸라 세계 최대 생산량을 자랑한다.

IGOR Gorgonzola is today the leading company in the production of Gorgonzola DOP, the typical cheese of Novara considered an excellence of Italian gastronomy. Thanks to the adoption of state-of-the-art technologies and the constant updating of production processes, IGOR Gorgonzola represents one of the most modern and efficient production systems for Gorgonzola cheese. Passion, planning, commitment, tradition and innovation: these are the key words of IGOR Gorgonzola's success. For four generations, the Leonardi family has been producing and bringing to tables all over the world a Gorgonzola DOP, a perfect synthesis between the ancient and skilful art of cheese-making and the most modern technological innovation. From father to son, through eighty years of history, the original recipe has remained unchanged, paying the utmost attention to the selection of milk and the various stages of the production process, respecting tradition and the environment. A few, simple ingredients for a cheese of inimitable goodness: known and appreciated in Italy and around the world for its unmistakable flavor.

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